Drinking Horn Meadery - A Must Try!

You feel the cold fall air whip at you while you walk down San Francisco St. You look at the places lining Route 66. Sushi and sake? Ah, not tonight. Pizza and beer? Considerable. Just as you make the venture across the crosswalk, you see the light shining from a place you haven't been to before. Are those Nordic helmets? Is that a drinking horn? You have to see!

What is mead, you may ask? Well, delicious! But seriously, what is it?

Mead dates back to 7000 BCE. Where you could find honey, you could find mead. Mead is an alcoholic drink that's made from fermenting honey with water, adding organic compounds to create different flavors.

Prior to finding Drinking Horn, I had never had the luxury of trying mead. Now? I'm addicted! Their mead comes in a variety of flavors, several changing seasonally for new tastes. You can order your favorites, or order flights to try all their new, inviting flavors. My all-time favorite is pomegranate, but lemon ginger is a close second. I would say a MUST TRY of their selection is the "Experi-Mead." This is your chance to try a concoction of several flavors they have put together into a limited-time mead.

Drinking Horn Meadery began its journey in 2014 as a small stand in Flagstaff. Their chance to

grow came in 2019 when they moved to Downtown Flagstaff, but their April 2020 opening was delayed due to the pandemic. However, that didn’t slow them down! They‘re now a busy weekend spot, hold a variety of events during weeknights, and even have a booth at the local farmer’s market!

Drinking Horn Meadery is located just off the corner of San Francisco St and Route 66. Don’t just take it from me! Grab your friends, your favorite games, and head there as soon as possible!


Drinking Horn Meadery

108 E Route 66

Flagstaff, AZ 86001


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